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Amphibious Boats and Their Advantages

March 26, 2019

Get from land to sea in one smooth drive

If there’s one boat that qualifies as ‘The Future of Boating’, it is Ocean Craft Marine’s range of amphibious boats. These versatile boats offer unparalleled mobility and accessibility, making it ideal for military, professional and recreational purposes.

OCM’s amphibious craft are used by the military, professionals such as First Responders, and recreational mariners too. And why not! These amphibious rigid inflatable boats are more than just boats with wheels: they offer a world of convenience to both professionals and leisure seekers alike. For professionals who use them in rescue operations and security details, they help save time and facilitate accessibility to tricky areas such as those in the high tide range or in very shallow waters. And for those who are just looking for a relaxing day on the water, an amphibious boat offers the convenience of being able to drive straight from their homes into the sea and the means to access more remote beaches with ease.

Professional Amphibious RIB Boats

The standout feature of OCM’s amphibious range of boats is the BAS-80-4 Amphibious system, which is comprised of four independently motorized, steerable and retractable wheels. A fully marinized system, its wheels stay completely out of the water once the boat is deployed, for exceptional performance. This translates as the ability to deploy extremely fast, accelerate operations and access areas that were hitherto considered inaccessible.
So should you consider going amphibious? The answer is unequivocally YES, and here are 5 solid reasons why:

  • Drive straight onto the beach and into the water
  • Launch into the water with ease
  • Reach areas within the high tidal range as well as shallow waters
  • Access areas such as remote islands, that would otherwise be difficult to reach
  • Get past obstacles, variable depths and debris with ease

That said, the biggest advantage of an amphibious boat is the ease and convenience that it offers, which frees you to focus on your mission if you are a professional, or on the experience and making the most of every moment if you are a leisure seeker out alone or with family and friends.

9.5M Amphibious Beachlander Boats

Ocean Craft Marine’s amphibious lifestyle boats are available in several sizes starting at 7.1M, and can be customised to suit your purposes. And if you’re looking for a bit of extra convenience, consider the Beachlander model, which features a loading ramp. Military, professional or leisure seeker, at Ocean Craft Marine, we have a boat that’s perfect you. And if you’d like a bit more information about our amphibious boats, please visit: