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Recreational Beachlander RIB for Outing

Owning vs Renting? Here’s the 411!

September 19, 2019

There’s no feeling that compares to being out on the water, the sun overhead, and sparkling water all around you. But if you’re grappling with the question of whether it’s better to buy a boat or rent one, here’s our case for why owning your boat is better!

Less planning, more enjoyment

Renting usually involves much planning ahead as you would need to find a boat that suits your specific requirements. You would also need to haul all your gear on and off the boat everytime you decide to go out on the water. When you own the boat, you eliminate both these hassles, allowing for more spontaneity. It’s like a vacation that’s always waiting to happen!

Beachlander Amphibious Boat at Beach

Personalized for you

There’s nothing like being on a vessel that not only meets your specific needs and interests, but also reflects your personal tastes. One of the biggest perks of boat-ownership is the customization that isn’t possible on a rented boat. From colour to seating options to engine placement to hull design and frames, there are many options available to personalize your boat to your specific requirements. And at OCM, we go one step further and collaborate closely with our customers to deliver boats that look and perform exactly the way that they want them to.

Rigid Inflatable Boat with Outboard Diesel Engine

It’s cheaper, long term

Surprised? It’s true. While buying a boat might feel like a rather expensive proposition, the costs work out in the long run because you have the option to charter the boat out to other people for a fee. In fact, it could even become a secondary source of income. On the other hand, when you rent a boat for your use, you would be spending on rental and fuel costs – and these expenses add up year on year, without the possibility of recovering them.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat with Open Canopy

It’s not just a boat, it’s a lifestyle

Like a car, when you own your boat, you’re free to take it out as and when you please, without the worry of lease agreements or rental clauses, poor maintenance or safety issues. And while you would need to put in some effort to properly maintain it, you do experience an unparallelled feeling of exhilaration and pride that stems from being the owner of a piece of something that is both engineering and art, with a sea of possibilities stretching out in front of you.
So there you have it: the four reasons why we think that the cost of owning a boat offers more value than the cost of renting one. At Ocean Craft Marine, we build boats for every kind of mariner: military, professional and recreational. And every boat that we build is customized to suit your specific needs.