military boat


Welcome to Ocean Craft Marine, where we specialize in crafting top-notch Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats that are specifically designed to tackle the tough demands of the military and adapt to the diverse needs of Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, and other professional agencies.

At OCM, we hold a strong belief that precision and purpose should form an integral part of every boat we craft. Our commitment to full customization ensures that your Ocean Craft Marine boat will be meticulously designed to your precise specifications and operational needs.

Uncompromising Quality,

Premium Materials:

Ocean Craft Marine stands as an industry leader, setting the standard for durability and reliability. By only using premium materials that withstand the harshest conditions and environments.

Customer Focused Approach
At Ocean Craft Marine, we don’t cut corners to lower costs. Our approach is different: It is focused on your needs. We prioritize quality above everything, to ensure that our boat meets and exceeds your expectations.
Innovative Design & Ergonomics
Our philosophy in Design centres on Integration and ergonomics. We don’t aim to simply accommodate your needs, we strive to find the best solution that will align with the boat’s purpose, keeping in mind the operators’ safety and comfort as well as maintainability and ease of servicing in the long run.
Exceptional Team
Behind every OCM RIB Boat is a team of some of the most skilled and experienced boat builders in the industry. Our engineers rank among the finest in the industry, guaranteeing high performing results.
Evolution and Customization
Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction drives our continuous process of design, evolution and manufacturing refinement with each project. This allows us to offer more options and deliver boats that align perfectly with your vision.
Complete Control, Impeccable Quality
The advantage of having a vertically integrated facility and the ability to oversee every aspect of the manufacturing process affords us an unparalleled quality control from design inception to finished delivery.
Rapid Delivery Time
Ocean Craft Marine acknowledges the critical nature of your missions and is proud to maintain the shortest delivery time in the RHIB industry, thus ensuring you get on the water faster.

At OCM, our focus extends beyond the construction of boats; we actively collaborate with peers in the maritime industry to expedite innovation and propel the sector forward.

Discover the Ocean Craft Marine Advantage today and experience a new level of excellence, tailored to your exacting professional needs.