Mission Ready Deliveries




NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

9.5m Law Enforcement RHIB Boat
The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) added a 9.5-meter Law Enforcement RIB Boat to their fleet. This specialized craft supports NOAA in their mission to protect the marine environment, enforce regulations, and conduct research.

Texas Highway Patrol

9.5m Law Enforcement RHIB Boats
The Texas Highway Patrol acquired eight 9.5-meter Texas Police Patrol RIB Boats, significantly enhancing their capacity for maritime law enforcement. These boats are instrumental in patrolling waterways and enforcing maritime regulations across the state.

North Myrtle Beach Rescue

7.1m Rescue AMP RHIB Boat
North Myrtle Beach Rescue received a 7.1-meter Rescue AMP RIB Boat, strengthening their search and rescue capabilities and improving their response time. This versatile amphibious vessel is pivotal in responding swiftly and efficiently to water-based emergencies.

Black Diamond Police Department

6.5m Aluminium Police RIB Boat
The Black Diamond Police Department now operates a 6.5-meter Aluminium Police RIB Boat, strengthening their capacity for police patrol and law enforcement activities. This RIB boat equips them with the necessary tools to navigate waterways efficiently and respond effectively to incidents.

St James Parish Sheriff's Office

8m Law Enforcement RHIB Boat
The St James Parish Sheriff’s Office entrusted a robust 8-meter Law Enforcement RIB Boat to bolster their law enforcement efforts. This vessel aids in maintaining safety and security on the water, ensuring they can effectively carry out their duties.

Buckeye Global Marine Terminals

9.5m Fire Rescue RHIB Boat
Buckeye Global Marine Terminals acquired a 9.5-meter Fire Rescue RIB Boat to enhance their firefighting and rescue capabilities in marine terminals. This vessel is a vital asset in ensuring safety in marine environments.

Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Company

6.5m Search and Rescue RHIB Boats
The Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Company now operates a 6.5-meter Search and Rescue RIB Boat, enhancing their ability to conduct vital search and rescue operations in marine environments.

MDTA Police

9.5m Police RHIB Boat
The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police now have a 9.5-meter Police RIB Boat at their disposal, enhancing their capacity to perform police operations in maritime settings. This vessel plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and security.

Lewes Fire Department

8m Law Enforcement RIB Boat
The Lewes Fire Department received an 8-meter Patrol RIB Boat to enhance their capabilities for law enforcement operations. This versatile and maneuverable vessel plays a vital role in ensuring safety and security in their water-based missions.

Will County Sheriff's

9.5m Police RHIB Boats-SWAT
Will County Sheriff’s Police received two 9.5-meter Police RIB Boats, specially designed for SWAT and law enforcement operations. These boats enhance their readiness for various police missions on the water.

United States Secret Service

9.5m Law Enforcement RHIB Boats
The United States Secret Service added a 9.5-meter OCM Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat to their fleet, reinforcing their capabilities for security operations.