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Onshore, Offshore or Near-shore Ops: Mission Possible

November 21, 2019

Any first responder will tell you how critical a few seconds can be. For those in the coast guard, navy, search and rescue and law enforcement profiles, they can mean the difference between saving a life and mission success, or not.

OCM’s amphibious professional boats offer them unparalleled mobility, accessibility and a world of convenience. How? They allow for accelerated response time as they can be driven straight into the water or on to the beach, and can access tricky areas such as those in the high tide range or in very shallow waters.

Smoother Rides, Wider Reach

More than just boats with wheels, these versatile RHIBs are powered by OCM’s advanced BAS-80-4 Amphibious system, comprised of 4 independently motorized and steerable wheels. The system is fully marinized, and the wheels stay completely out of the water once the boat is deployed. A deep-V fiberglass hull constructed in OCM’s concave reverse chines design, delivers smoother, drier rides, increased lift for more overall speed and agile cornering capabilities. Moreover, the custom manufactured rims and marine coated wheels, with custom tires, offer optimum load balancing, improved traction and high stability on land, while a hydraulic braking system enhances safety. All of which makes exceptional performance both on water and on land.

The advanced mechanics of the OCM’s Amphibious offer the ability to

Customized to Mission Specs

Any OCM boat can be built as an Amphibious boat. And with all of our offerings, these boats can be customized from the hull up to accommodate special requirements. From basics such as aluminium or flat bottomed hulls, air or foam filled tubes, seating and engine options, to more specialised requirements such as provision for diving tanks and stretchers, we configure and build the boats to meet your specifications. And because the engineering, design and production of all our boats is done inhouse, OCM offers the unique ability to create new models in a short time and to specific requirements.

OCM’s Professional Amphibious Boats are currently available in a range of lengths starting at 7.1M and going up to 9.8M. If you’d like some more information about these versatile boats.

Ocean Craft Marine makes a wide range of boats for military, professional and recreational mariners. Whatever your need, we have the perfect boat for you.