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Reverse Chine Hull Design Boat

Reverse Chines: The Hull Of The Matter

July 26, 2019

Every OCM boat is built with a rich understanding of hydrodynamic principles. Our design and engineering is focused on meeting your needs, and we are constantly looking for newer and better ways to enhance your experience on the water. One such innovation is our unique concave reverse chines hull design.

Hull Design 101

Boat hull designs come in different shapes; they can be deep or shallow, flat bottomed, round bottomed or v-shaped. A V-shaped hull is wedge-shaped from bow to stern. This type of boat hull knifes cleanly through waves, making for a smooth ride even in rough water, and uses less fuel.

Reverse Chine Hull Effect at Work

Chines refer to the sharp changes in angles in its cross section. These angular chines appear along the outline of your boat’s hull and in the area where the hull intersects the underside of the boat. Reverse chines angle downward. When they are in water, they part the waters to the sides as well as downwards at the same time.

OCM Reverse Chine RIB Boat

The ‘reverse’ effect at work

OCM’s unique reverse chines design enhances your on-water experience in several ways —

  • It improves the stability of the vessel and helps maintain its balance at the boat’s keel, even at maximum speeds, making for a smoother and quieter ride.
  • It deflects the water that splashes up from the propulsion and helps keep the deck dry.
  • It also enhances performance at the three main stages of the boat ride — the reverse Chines ensure a smooth and seamless propulsion when the boat casts off. This is followed by a quick and effortless acceleration, which helps the boat almost glide on the water. Finally the chines also enable the boat to handle sharp turns with increased efficiency.

Together, this means a smoother, more stable, drier ride!

Fiberglass Boat Hull in Action

OCM builds a wide and varied range of boats for Military, Professional and Recreational mariners. Every vessel that we build is customized for the purpose / mission for which it is commissioned. And our nautical engineers are constantly upping their game with new innovations and techniques to enhance our customers’ boating experience. Explore our varied innovations here.