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June 26, 2019

Marinas, Sailing clubs and Yacht clubs are little microcosms of activity, with boats and people coming and going. From personnel transfers to mooring assistance, to man overboard recoveries to towing activities, they are hubs for a multitude of operations that call for a sturdy, reliable support vessel. Enter OCM’s range of Marina and Sail Support boats.

The difference between a Marina Support Boat and a Sail Support Boat is simple enough: the former is built to maneuver around yachts and boats and assist in mooring, towing and maintenance activities, while the latter is suited for personnel transfers and man overboard recoveries. The difference that Ocean Craft Marine offers in both cases is in the degree of customization of the vessels to suit exact needs and specifications.

Customized, from the hull up

Both OCM’s Sail Support boats are typically designed with inflatable and prominent fendering, and are built for hard use. These crafts can be customized from the hull up, with a range of sizes,  a choice of an aluminium or fiberglass hull as well as an inflatable or foam filled fendering. You can also choose from different deck layouts for transport of cargo, firefighting and rescue activities etc. Varied towing options can be added such as a tow post at the back of the boat, a pull post in front at the bow, hard points for ease of alongside/hip towing and overbuilt take-up reels with snap guards and more. Most Marina Operators Boats can also be built with a rubber protected deck for carrying chains and heavy equipment to insure the longevity of the deck.

Marina Sail and Support Boats

An OCM ‘Push’ for better support

The one feature that Ocean Craft Marine offers and most others don’t is the choice of a flat foam push bow. The flat foam bow has been designed on the concept of a tugboat – but for private yachts instead of large ships –  to assist them in mooring, without damaging either vessel. Another option worth taking note of is the Pull Bow Post that facilitates towing of another vessel with better maneuverability than a tow post at the back of the boat.

Offshore Sail Support Inflatable Boat

Support, but for who?

Design, performance and durability – these boats offer all three in spades, and are ideal for

  • Marina operators
  • Ports
  • Yacht and Sailing clubs and programs
  • Sailing / Offshore races

OCM’s Marina and Sail Support Boats are currently available in a range of lengths starting at 5.5M. If you’d like a bit more information about these crafts, please visit:


Ocean Craft Marine makes a wide range of boats for military, professional and recreational mariners. Whatever your need, we have the perfect boat for you.