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Professional Amphibious RHIB

Have your boat your way

September 4, 2019

At OCM, we believe no two customers, nor their requirements, are ever the same. So how can their boats be the same?  

That’s why, every boat we build is tailor-made for our customers. We are able to create new models and meet their specific requirements as the engineering, design and production is all done in-house.  We also deliver our boats faster than any other manufacturer in the RIB industry. This has earned us repute as one of the leading custom boat manufacturers for RIBs in the USA. 

When you choose OCM, you can customize your boat from the hull up. From material and hull type, to the canopies and frames, and from the engine to seating and tow posts, you take your pick. We’ll make it fit. Here are your various options:

It’s a hull thing:

The hull can be made with Aluminium or Fiberglass.

  • The aluminium hulls are  manufactured using military-grade aluminium to provide strength and durability.
  • The fiberglass hulls are constructed extra-tough to provide stability.

OCM’s unique Reverse Chines hull design enables the boat to cut through the water with ease, while deflecting spray away from it to a large extent. This design also adds some extra strength to the hull.

Professional Beachlander RIB Boat

Board your engine:

We understand your preferences and offer you a range of options when it comes to engines. You can choose between Inboard, Outboard, Stern drives, Water jets and Surface piercing engines. We also offer the option of fuel (gasoline/diesel) or electrical engines.

Inboard Outboard Motors for Boat

Be seated, your way:

Every OCM boat comes with a variety of seating options that you can choose from to ensure a comfortable ride. You can choose from Bucket seats, Leaning posts, Benches to Jockey and Shock mitigating seats.

Jockey Seats for RIB Boats

The roof of it all:

You can choose between a range of rooftops to ensure that you are protected from the elements. These include Fixed rooftops, Foldable rooftops, Biminis that can be removed and Canopies that can be extended. You can also opt for a Cabin design.

Custom T-tops for RIB Boats

The frame game:

You can choose to have a frame that is self-righting and/or add bow or stern posts for Gun mounting, Towing and Anchoring.

The best of both worlds:

Our advanced BAS-80-4 Amphibious system is comprised of 4 independently motorized, steerable wheels that retract completely in the water, for a smooth and seamless on-land and on-water experience. Even better, we can make any boat you pick amphibious, so you can enjoy the best of land and sea!
As custom boat builders, we at Ocean Craft Marine design and build world-class boats for all kinds of mariners – military, professional and recreational. Whatever your need, there’s an OCM boat that’s perfect for you.