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Recreational Beachlander RIB

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May 20, 2019

There’s no feeling like that of being out on the water, whether alone or in company. Like feeling the wind on your face, the sun on your shoulders, and if you decide to take a dip, the chill of the water on your skin. If there is one boat that is made for such a day, it is Ocean Craft Marine’s Beachlander.

The Beachlander is used by professionals such as Diving companies and Resorts, and is a popular choice among leisure seekers who want nothing more than a lazy day out on the water. So what makes the Beachlander so special? How is it different from other boats? How about a front bow that opens into a loading ramp!

Amphibious Beachlander RHIB

Here are five reasons why the Beachlander is a standout choice, whether it is for professional or personal use.

  1. Getting on and off the boat is as easy as 1-2-3, even for kids and people with special needs.
  2. Divers are safer as they can now get into the water and return to the boat, well away from engines and propellers.
  3. Carrying cargo onto these boats is a breeze – no need to haul heavy loads over the side anymore!
  4. The bow lowers into the water as a swim platform, which makes life easier for swimmers and families.
  5. And getting to and from private beaches and creeks is easier as these boats can navigate even shallow waters with ease

The Beachlander combines security and stability with comfort and speed. It is designed to perform in all sea conditions. Its reverse chines hull design makes for smoother sailing and tighter turns, with decreased spray, so you enjoy your water adventures in all dryness. You can also customize the deck with your preferred seating and console, and make additions such as  T-Top or Bimini top, dive tank racks, stereo and electronics, even a fresh water shower. With all this ease and convenience, the only thing you need to worry about is where your next water adventure will be. A water world of fun awaits, dive in!

Family Fun with Beachlander Boat

The Beachlander is currently available in 8.75 Meters. If you’d like a bit more information about our Beachlander, please visit:

Ocean Craft Marine makes a wide range of boats for military, professional and recreational mariners. Whatever your need, we have the perfect boat for you.