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Military Cabin RIB Boats

Battle-tested, Primed And Ready! The Rhibs For High-speed And Long Duration Missions

May 2, 2019

When it comes to the protection of the country and its people, there is no room for larking about or lightness – unless you’re talking about the weight of the actual boats that helps to do so, that is! A significant part of keeping a country safe is safeguarding its waters – and that’s where our military crafts come into play. Every one of Ocean Craft Marine’s military crafts is engineered for performance and safety, and customized to suit mission requirements. Our Special Operations (Special Ops) boats are no exception.

Ocean Craft Marine’s Special Ops and Anti-Piracy boats are typically used for high-speed vessel interdiction operation and non-compliant boarding team ops, where speed and maneuverability are crucial to mission success. They are the preferred interceptor boats for Armed, Vessel Boarding Search & Seizure (VBSS) takedowns, which are a key component of effective Anti-Piracy and Special Ops, the reason for which is its design. The success of OCM’s military-grade RHIBs lies in its unique reverse-chine hull design which facilitates high speeds and tactical turns, even in the roughest sea conditions. However, the buck doesn’t stop here.

Coastal Interceptor Rigid Inflatable Boats

Our Special Ops rigid hull inflatable boats are carefully researched and designed to produce exceptional on the water performance combined with outstanding handling, stability and safety. Built tough to endure and perform in all circumstances, these highly maneuverable vessels are capable of high speeds in close proximity to other vessels, as well as open ocean speeds of up to 65 knots.

These fast patrol vessels come in a range of sizes, starting at 4.1 meters up to 12 meters. Typically, the 12M vessels are built to offer maximum mission range, crew comfort and on-station patrol endurance, while the smaller craft outfitted with deck-mounted crew-serve weapons systems, tactical boarding ladders, thermal and infrared video camera systems and wireless headset crew-communication systems, or a combination of these, depending on the mission. The boats are hand-constructed by a highly skilled team of craftsmen and then properly tested before they are delivered, mission-configured and ready for the water.

Special Ops RHIB

Here are some quick facts about our Special Ops boats:

  • OCM Special Ops boats are currently in operations in more than 80 countries.
  • The fastest Special Ops RHIB in our range can reach up to 80Mph / 70 knots
  • Configuration options are available for everything from the hull material to engine placement, to seating and cabin / canopy
  • The boats can be customized to your specific mission operations

In a nutshell, if there is one range of OCM boats that embodies endurance, it is our Special Ops / Anti-Piracy range. If you’d like more information about them or any of our offerings for that matter, please click here and we’ll get in touch with you.