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A Boat For All Mariners: OCM Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats.

February 27, 2019

In the past, people believed that Rigid Inflatable Boats were used by the military and only for security purposes, as the strong V-hull and rigidness of the boat made them suitable for any weather condition. However, over the past few years, this notion has faded away. More and more people are shifting their preference towards Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, even for recreation, due to its high performance, superior materials, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Before we examine the various advantages of the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, for those not really in the know, let’s define what they are. Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) get their name from the way they are designed. They have a hard-shell V-hull with inflatable sides. It is this perfect mix that gives these boats their versatility and toughness. Many professionals and leisure seekers these days are making RHIBs their preferred choice of boats, and this is why!

Amphibious RHIB

A lightness of being — RHIBs are light in weight, thanks to their inflatable siding and laminated V-hull construction. This helps increase fuel efficiency and carrying capacity. The boats also allow you to carry more passengers, load up more stuff, while letting you operate more efficiently and safely. In fact, the military makes the most of this when they set off to save lives: RHIBs help them carry more people at once and bring them back to shore safely.

Designed to glide — RHIBs are finely sculpted to cut through water seamlessly, offering a smoother ride with fewer bumps, even in rough waters. The boat has a superior design that helps the marines go against the tide, and remains stable even at high speeds.

The course is clear – A RHIB holds its course extremely well when compared to a traditional boat. The combination of the deep V hull with an inflatable collar is designed to cut through any wave and absorb the wave impact while staying on course.

Cut through water – The RHIB was initially conceptualized for rescue missions, and therefore speed and precision were requisites. Its unique design allows for a powerful engine/motor that can glide through the water to its destination, in any weather condition. This helps in completing every mission faster, and more importantly, safely. A plus even if one is using the boat for recreation.

Go the distance – As mentioned earlier, the RHIB is light in weight, which increases its agility and responsive making your mission easier and faster. These boats can reach faster speeds with less usage of power, which in-turn increases the range and lets you get more work done with less gas. The strong hull ensures complete safety, but in case of an emergency, the RHIB is light in weight and can easily be trailed by any other boat.
If you plan on using the boat for passenger-oriented businesses, it cuts down your fuel costs and turns out to be more profitable than owning any other vessel. And if you are a private boat owner, wouldn’t you prefer less fuel consumption to the alternative?

Master of all trades — Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats find use in varied marine sectors. Today, they’re being used across the board, from military, navy and rescue operations, to leisure. Here’s a list of people who currently prefer and rely on RHIBs over any other type of vessel:

US Coast Guard Boats

So now you know why Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats get top billing from the navy, military, rescue operators, and even leisure seekers. And at Ocean Craft Marine, we believe that there’s a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat for everyone. So if you’re looking for something that fits your need please visit the contact us page of Ocean Craft Marine for RHIB boats related information .