7.1M Amphibious Boat on Water
leisure amphibious boat
custom-built Recreational Amphibious

Leisure seekers have been enjoying the convenience and comfort that a 4-wheel drive amphibious offers with Ocean Craft Marine ’s rather successful amphibious range, specifically the 8.4M, 9.5M Beachlander (which features a bow that can be opened into a ramp for easier boarding and diving), and the 9.8M models. Now, they can enjoy these benefits in the more compact 7.1M model as well.

This entry-level, fully packaged model, which is already available worldwide and has been recently introduced in the US, comes equipped with a single engine, comfortable seating and Ocean Craft Marine ’s signature ‘reverse chines’ design. But, what truly sets it – and the rest of Ocean Craft Marine ’s amphibious range – apart from other leisure boats is its BAS-80-4 Amphibious system. Comprised of 4 independently motorized and steerable wheels that allow one to drive it straight from their home into the water, it makes life infinitely easier with a faster launch time and broader reach. Once in the water, the wheels can be retracted for an unhindered, smooth on-water experience.

The ocean means something different to different people: for some it’s a place of peace and quiet reflection; a space to get the blood rushing, a setting to connect, distraction-free, with self and close friends. With Ocean Craft Marine ’s custom-built recreational 4-wheel drive amphibious range,you can now take to the water, whenever and wherever. Simply hop into your Ocean Craft Marine Amphibious boat, drive there and enjoy.

Family Fun with OCM Beachlander Boat

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