Phase Two


Phase 2 testing was designed as a protocol that would differentiate the original Ocean Craft Marine 11.5m performance and the addition of the Scott Porta Strake-less running surface. In preparation for the addition of the new running surface, the process required complete de-rigging and disassembly of the vessel.

The hull needed to be completely upside down for the running surface work to be performed. The process included removing the bottom anti fowling coating and getting the surface back to bare aluminum as originally built.

AkzoNobel’s AwlFare was chosen to be applied and sculpted to the new Porta Strake-less design. After the design and new design was added, AkzoNobel’s Tuff Stuff was applied.

Additional bluing and sanding was necessary to make the running surface perfectly straight. Then AkzoNobel primer was applied and finally Colorkote Antifouling Paint was applied as the final coat. The vessel then had to be completely re-assembled and re-rigged to be made into a perfect clone to that of originally manufactured and tested in Phase 1. Phase 2 testing was exactly the same protocol as Phase 1

Installation of

Scott Porta Strakeless
Running Surface