Phase One


Testing was done for two (2) different objectives and test perimeters. The Atlantic Ocean Test was to test the Project PERFECT STORM vessel, a 11.5m Ocean Craft Marine pursuit vessel for its standard performance characteristics. It went through inertial measurement testing which characterized accelerations, rotations and angular velocities in all three principal directions, closely following the Navy’s standard at sea test protocol. Moreover, that testing was conducted in 2–4-foot seas in the Atlantic Ocean at speeds up to 60 mph with 8-10 passengers and a full load of fuel. Those test parameters and results were recorded and archived for Phase 2 and 3 testing, which followed. Additionally, Phase 1 Testing incorporated still water acceleration, top speed and full lock tight turn characteristics of the standard OCM 11.5m Inceptor. Pursuit vessel.



Report by
Keith Hubble

Pirincipal Engineer, TMS Group

Sensor Locations


Center console, middle

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Stern, tow bit base

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Phase 1

Bow, between bumpers

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Phase 1

Seat base (below suspension)
Seat (above suspension)

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