Ocean Craft Marine, in conjunction with all of our professional new boat deliveries, and at other times upon request, will deliver a tailor made training program to meet the specific mission requirements of any department, unit or agency.

Ocean Craft Marine’s cadre of Maritime Instructors have over 75 years of combined expertise in all areas of maritime operations garnered from many years of active maritime military service to include serving as Tactical Boat Patrol Leaders, Tactical Boat Captains, VBSS Team Leaders and Boarding Officers within the U.S. Navy’s Coastal Warfare Units, and the U.S. Navy’s Riverine Squadrons, as well as experience from both the military and civilian firefighting services.

Many of our instructors hold Merchant Marine Officer Licenses and they have delivered advanced maritime trainings to some of the world’s most elite maritime special operations units to include: the United States Secret Service, the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the Royal Brunei Police, the Texas Highway Patrol Tactical Marine Unit, the Lebanese Army Marine Commando Regiment, and countless others.

Basic Training Topics:
  • Basic RHIB Boat Operations and Maintenance
  • Outboard Motor Maintenance
  • Electrical System Familiarization
  • Operator/Mechanical System Familiarization
  • Helmsmanship and Seakeeping Familiarization
  • Navigation and Communications (NAVCOM) Electrical Familiarization
  • Operational Environment Assessment & Mission Planning and Patrol Brief Preparation
  • Advanced Close Quarters Maneuvering
  • Assistance Towing Operations
  • Search and Rescue Operations at Sea (SEASAR) and Man Overboard Recovery
  • Mass Casualty and Airport Rescue Operations
  • Operational Environment Mission Planning and Patrol Brief Preparation
  • Radio Communication Procedures
  • Communications Plan (COMMPLAN) Development & Emission Control Procedures (EMCON)
Advanced Training Topics:
  • Advanced Helmsmanship and Seakeeping Techniques
  • Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Exclusion Zone Enforcement
  • Patrol Boat Formations
  • High Value Asset Protection (HVAP) and Ship Escort
  • Vessel Targeting
  • Vessel Pacing
  • Vessel Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) Operations
  • Low Visibility Navigational Procedures
  • Firefighting Equipment Use and Maintenance & Fire Suppression Techniques
  • Crew-Serve Weapon Systems Multi-Boat Coordination Techniques

Please contact us at so that we might begin to discuss customizing a training program for meet your team’s multi-mission requirements.