Boating is for everyone, but not all boats are built for everyone. There is one notable exception however: the Beachlander. Featuring a front bow that opens into a loading ramp, the Beachlander aids easy loading of cargo, equipment and personnel.
It is used by professionals such as Diving companies and Resorts, and is a popular choice among leisure seekers who want nothing more than a lazy day out on the water.

OCM Recreational Beachlander RHIB
Customized Inflatable Beachlander Boat

Whether its being used in a professional setting or for leisure, the Ocean Craft Marine Beachlander boat is the last word in convenience. Getting on and off it is as simple as strolling up or down the bow that doubles up as a swim platform, and is operated by an electric hydraulic arm. The ramp also facilitates loading and offloading cargo – no more straining to haul it over the side!
As with all Ocean CraftMarine Boats, the Beachlander can be customized depending on what its intended use is. For instance, a Beachlander for a diving company would have the fresh water shower and provision for dive tanks, while one that’s intended for a family day out of the water could be outfitted with a T-top and provision to store camping supplies, in addition to the shower and sunbed. And those craving even more accessibility can opt for the Amphibious version.

Everyone! Anyone can come aboard the Beachlander,but this boat is especially ideal for:

  • Resorts, as guests can be taken from their hotel to private beaches and creeks in all dryness
  • Divers, as it facilitates getting into and out of the water, safely and well away from the engines and propellers
  • Swimmers and families, as the bow can be lowered into the water, making it safer for play
  • People with special needs, such as wheelchairs

The Ocean Craft Marine Beachlander boat is currently available in 8.75 Meters. If you’d like more information about our Beachlander, please visit: beachlander-boat/

Ocean Craft Marine makes a wide range of boats for military, professional and recreational mariners. Whatever your need, we have the perfect boat for you.

Beachlander RIB for Divers
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