Military RIB Boats with Cabin

In the military, there’s no such thing as a typical day on the job. Even more so when the mission involves being on the water. Every mission comes with its challenges and specific requirements, and the boats that cater to them are generally customized to suit them. However, if there is one boat that caters to various mission profiles across agencies – patrols, port security, law enforcement, anti-piracy or Search & Rescue – it is Ocean Craft Marine’s Military Cabin Boat.

About 12M in length, this RHIB has been engineered to offer exceptional seakeeping capabilities in both offshore and near-shore areas. Its outstanding performance in shallower and deeper waters are a direct result of its superior hydrodynamic concave reverse-chine hull, which not only makes it easier to cut through the water and go faster, but also stops water from splashing into the boat for the most part.

Powered by three 350HP Yamaha outboard engines, it delivers a top speed of over 60mph, while its 200-gallon fuel tank makes it perfect for long mission range as well a on-station loitering.

The cabin itself is air conditioned and quite spacious. Constructed from both aluminum and fiber glass, it is light but quite strong. Inside, is a full-blown berthing area for the crew to rest, Ullman shock-mitigating seats and walkthrough access to the forward deck, where weapons can be mounted if need be. Slide-open windows with a unique down angled windscreen design offer a 360-degree arc of visibility from the cabin, while the latest communication systems ensure that the crew is never out of touch with its base teams.

Speed, agility and comfort – the 12M Military cabin boat offers it all and more, making it the ideal choice for a range of missions.

OCM Founder Roy Nouhra with his two Kids
Two Kids at the Everest Base Camp in Nepal


The world is a beautiful place, waiting to be discovered. And at Ocean Craft Marine, we believe in nurturing curiosity, celebrating team work, solving problems and pushing boundaries, in our work and in our lives. No one embodies these ideals more than our founder, Roy Nouhra.

Roy and his two eldest sons, aged 9 and 10, recently returned from an expedition to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Located at 17000+ feet, the camp serves as a base for climbers while they acclimatise themselves before tackling the final stretch.

Making the climb demands endurance and perseverance. Roy’s approach to climbing is similar to his approach to life: there’s no need to rush, just take in everything, face each obstacle as it presents itself and find a solution together. In his book, it is the journey that matters – with all the experiences that it brings – rather than the destination.

Our congratulations to Roy and his boys – who are among the youngest climbers worldwide to achieve this feat – on their great accomplishment.

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