Dive Deep with OCM Recreational Boats

Everyone experiences the water differently. For some, being on the water offers the opportunity to connect with family and friends, without the distractions that one encounters in their normal lives. For others, it’s a solitary escape and a place to meditate, reflect and reconnect with themselves. Then, there are those who turn to the water to get their hearts racing and their adrenaline pumping. Ocean Craft Marine’s recreational range of boats are the perfect conduit to all these experiences. This was the insight and thinking behind Ocean Craft Marine ’s recently launched Dive Deep campaign highlighting the brand’s extensive line of recreational boats.

The #DiveDeep campaign, which kicked off in March, showcases various ‘moments’ on the water, with intriguing shots of the boats that facilitate these moments. We plan to extend and expand the campaign in the next month as well, with content that inspires people to get out on the water, providing them with product-centric informative pieces on the various boats in our leisure range, and even launching a contest that invites user participation. We hope that you will find it interesting, informative and engaging. In fact, we’d be thrilled to hear what you think about it as well! Also, click here for more information on our range of recreational boats.

Gear up with OCM Military and Professional Boats

Since Ocean Craft Marine’s inception, we have been building customized boats to meet the most complex needs of the military and professionals such as Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Search and Rescue and others. Every one of our professional boats is built to the highest quality standards, to deliver performance, reliability, robustness and comfort, which is so crucial to completing a mission successfully.

The #GearedForAnything campaign was conceived to shine a spotlight on Ocean Craft Marine ’s wide and varied range of boats for military and professional occupations. The communication showcases these outstanding craft in use, and highlights the features of each craft, which makes them stand out in a sea of other offerings. Through this campaign, we aim to inform and educate, as well as reiterate Ocean Craft Marine’s technical and design expertise in this challenging arena. Read up on our military offerings here and our professional boats here.

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