At Ocean Craft Marine we turn ideas into reality to help you with even the most demanding mission requirements.
When an ordinary off-the-shelf boat does not meet your needs, let the OCM team come up with a specially tailored solution.
OCM is the preferred option among military, law enforcement, first-responders, and commercial users when a customised solution is needed.

Ocean Craft Marine’s qualified team of highly trained and certified specialists in the maritime industry is available to travel to your unit or organization to provide on-site consultancy and brief you on all the latest innovations in the field and share their knowledge of cutting-edge vessel design and engineering with you.

From concept to detailed plans and budgets, OCM implements a wide range of services in the preliminary design stage.

This can include:
  • A thorough review of the customer’s plans, specifications and applications
  • Provide cost / benefit analysis for alternative approaches through value engineering
  • Provide preliminary application analysis
  • Develop concept / proposal drawings and provide CAD details.
  • Determine the best approach to solving the customer’s requirements and needs through standard products, modified products, or development of a customized boat that could ultimately become a standard product

From initial budget estimates to final quotations, the estimating staff at Ocean Craft Marine can help customers with all facets of the bidding process. Throughout our process, preliminary designs can be continuously examined and improved.

Each estimate is accompanied by an in-depth application engineering analysis.

To ensure that high quality products can be produced at competitive prices, the customer’s design intent and application are considered for each cost analysis, resulting in a clearly defined quotation.


OCM’s naval architects and professional boat designers are ready to assist you in all stages of your project with:

  • Value engineering enables you to receive the best structural layup system that satisfies the required performance parameters along with the most economical materials.
  • Application engineering, helping you with global marine regulations, performance standards, test procedures, design standards, impact requirements, and supporting calculations.
  • Designing boats that meet regulatory body requirements and answer specific challenges

Ocean Craft Marine provides a wealth of information to our customers. All boats have CAD details available. Moreover, Ocean Craft marine has an extensive database of boat designs created for job specific conditions that may be used to solve similar design challenges. These solutions can be provided as proposal drawings in CAD format or 3D rendering for inclusion into contract documents.