Aluminum boat for the Black Diamond Police Department

Delivering Cutting-Edge Law Enforcement Boat to the Black Diamond Police Department

August 28, 2023

We’re glad to announce the completion and delivery of a state-of-the-art law enforcement boat to the Black Diamond Police Department in Black Diamond, Washington State. The 6.5-meter  Aluminum police boat, crafted with precision and expertise, promises to enhance maritime security and safety for the Black Diamond community.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Black Diamond Police Department and contribute to the safety and security of their small community. This delivery marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to provide top-tier, customized maritime solutions that empower law enforcement agencies to carry out their vital work with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.”

_Todd Salus, Vice President
Ocean Craft Marine

ullman seats of the Police Boat

The 6.5-meter Aluminum police boat boasts advanced features that will greatly amplify the Black Diamond Police Department’s capabilities in patrolling and responding to maritime incidents. Its aluminum construction ensures durability, agility, and excellent performance even in challenging conditions.

ullman seats of the Police Boat

Equipped with cutting-edge navigational systems, state-of-the-art communication tools, and specialized law enforcement equipment, the vessel is primed to tackle a wide range of tasks, including search and rescue operations, surveillance, and law enforcement activities.

Black Diamond Police Department's RHIB

“The addition of this exceptional law enforcement boat to our fleet marks a significant advancement in our ability to safeguard our community. We are deeply grateful to Ocean Craft Marine for their dedication to creating a vessel that will undoubtedly contribute to the safety and security of our waters.” 

– Commander Martinez
Black Diamond Police Department

Law Enforcement RIB Boat for the Police Department
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