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The OCM Advantage

Shortest Delivery time in the RIB’s industry

Engineering, Design & Production are all made in house giving us great capabilities to create new models in a short time & meet customer specific requirements. This also makes our delivery time fast since we have control of most of the elements that go on the boat.

Experts in the field

Every critical team member at Ocean Craft Marine knows and operates boats and understands the importance of building boats with quality and Safety at the forefront of their mind. The Ocean Craft Marine professional design team is always working to ensure our design standards meet or exceed world wide industry regulations.

Quality Control

Being ISO certified, ensures that each supplier and material used is pre-screened and tested. During manufacturing, we have QC checks at every single point in production so that the end QC report automatically passes economizing on time and ensuring that you have the best quality boat. Moreover, each and every manufactured Rigid Inflatable Hull Boat at Ocean Craft Marine is tested on water before delivery resulting in extremely reliable vessels exceeding expectations.

Open Customization of RIB’s

Ocean Craft Marine employs only the boating industry’s most highly qualified and certified professional who then bring you their expertise in advanced vessel design & engineering. Base on your need, the Ocean Craft Marine team will innovate a custom designed solution.

Importation of the finest available materials

Ocean Craft Marine RIB’s are built using the best available materials imported from the world leaders. Ocean Craft Marine uses only the highest quality hardware, fitting and accessories. All of our materials are immensely strong, wear resistant, waterproof and completely immune to the hazards of sunlight, fuel, oil, acids and contaminants. We stand behind our high quality materials and workmanship using the Ocean Craft Marine warranty.Only Hypalon is used in the manufacture of Ocean Craft Marine tubes.Only the highest quality Marine grade Aluminium and Marine grade 316L Stainless Steel is used.

Environmentally Friendly

Ocean Craft Marine continually strives to maintain and improve our environmentally sensitive manufacturing and recycling practices.

Complete control over manufacturing process

Ocean Craft Marine is unique as it is one of the few manufacturers maintaining complete control over the manufacturing process, including in-house manufacture of sponsons, fiberglass hulls, consoles and all major accessories. In this way we can ensure that our RIB’s meet the very highest quality standards in the world market.

Extensive & Ever Evolving program of design manufacturing & process assessment

By carefully nurturing our unique creative and stimulating corporate environment and by offering only the very finest, high quality Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats for military, commercial and leisure applications, Ocean Craft Marine will continue its successful growth and continue to provide cutting edge innovations.

Through-life support

As a maritime solution provider OCM offers comprehensive Integrated Logistic Support to include but not limited to: spare parts, boat and engine maintenance, complete documentation packages in native languages, new delivery and advanced boat operations training and many other means to reduce overall life cycle costs.

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