4.2M Rigid Inflatable Boat with Electric Motor in USA | OCM Boats
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4.2M Electric Tender Boats

Length Overall:  4.1 m – 13’4″
Beam Overall:  1.8 m – 5’9″
Hull:  GRP/Aluminum
Hypalon Collar:  Air or Foam
Tube diameter:  0.45 m – 1’6”
Weight:  665 kg – 1,466 Ibs
Maximum Payload:  760 kg – 1,675 lbs
Propulsion:  Stern Drive
Max Power allowed:  40 hp
Battery Capacity:  36 kwh
Maximum speed:  25 mph
Range  >2 Hrs
No of Pax:  6
More Sizes Available in Electric Tender

8 M    |   6.5 M   |   5.5 M    |   4.2 M    |   3.2 M

  • No water pollution: No leaking and no water contamination
  • Great Carbon Footprint: No exhaust gases so no carbon emission
  • No noise
  • No smell
  • No fuel cost
  • Simple charging from power socket
  • Battery Management System –BMS- to automatically reduce the power of the engine once the battery is at half capacity ensuring maximization of cruising time.
  • No need to carry flammable fuel and haz mat equipment on board.
  • Battery housing and cable are all completely waterproof
  • Battery Management System -BMS- keeps the battery from over charging, excess voltage, short-circuit, over heating…