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Ocean Craft Marine (OCM) is an advanced maritime solutions provider for Commercial customers around the world.

With Headquarters in Dubai, UAE and Annapolis, Maryland, USA; Ocean Craft Marine provides a fully integrated “turn-key” service that is tailored and unique to meet every customer’s needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible personalized solutions using state of the art innovation, top quality products and the shortest delivery time of any manufacturer in the world.

Commercial requirements for marine craft are diverse and range from public tours to auxiliary craft for the oil & gas industry, Landing Crafts or even Air Boats.

The expertise of the OCM team means that specific needs are met through tailored design features that ensure the craft can perform exactly what the customer requires.

Ocean Craft Marine have an established history with organizations including Fisheries, Search & Rescue, Oil Support, Towing and Supply, Professional Mariners as well as Science and Research Companies.

With this broad knowledge and experience, OCM can individually design and manufacture a boat to meet the needs and requirements of every different commercial application worldwide.

For assistance on your specific needs and requirements please contact us directly at:

All of our boats are hand-constructed of either GRP or marine grade aluminum.

Our RIBs can be fitted with either pneumatic or foam-filled Hypalon fabric tube-sets.

GRP Hull:

The Structural Composites Professional boats are constructed extra-tough. The hull is hand-laid with the Ocean Craft Marine, concave “Reverse-Chine design.” This unique hull shape dynamically redirects water flow downward thereby creating extra lift and reduced friction drag. In addition this same water redirection provides the industries driest ride. Our surface effect hull enables the RIB to make extraordinary high-speed tactical turns without skipping, sliding or catching a chine even in rough sea conditions.

Aluminum Hull:

The Aluminum Boats are manufactured using marine-Grade Aluminum providing strength, durability and corrosion resistance that maritime applications require. Ocean Craft Marine Boats uses CNC design and cutting to achieve outstanding quality and consistency of all Aluminum components.

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