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Law Enforcement / Police Boats

Everyday men and women of the Law Enforcement and First Responding Agencies literally wade into the maritime environment in the protection of freedom and to save lives.

At Ocean Craft Marine we know all too well that for these mariners their mission-success, and their mission-survivability, depends greatly on the strength, stoutness and performance of their embarked rescue craft. This single piece of equipment is more important than any other. That’s why at OCM. our philosophy of design, safety, performance and quality is built into each boat with the utmost attention to detail. Our police boats are built strong for the no-failure zone applications where reliability and consistency are critical to complete your mission.

OCM is a renowned supplier of Police boats for Law Enforcement Agencies. Our comprehensive line-up of Law-Enforcement Boats are all multi-mission configurable to include:
Harbor Patrol/Defense, Natural Resource/Fishery Enforcement, High-Speed Vessel Interception, High Value Asset (HVA) Force Protection and Riverine & Coastal Security Operations to name just a few.

Because these vessels must be multi-mission capable at any time, Ocean Craft Marine has specifically engineered its vessels to be highly customizable and mission specific configurable.