OCM Manufacturing Process

Ocean Craft Marine Manufacturing Process And Research & Development

Almost all of Ocean Craft Marine components are manufactured in-house. The manufacturing process is comprised of six main departments, these being the Composite, Accessories, Upholstery, Tubes, Assembly and Final Works.

The Composite Department
The composite department will deal with the manufacture of all Composite materials including glass fiber production, preparation and assembly thereof.
The Accessories Department
The Accessories department is where all the accessories required by the customer are installed. Examples include T-tops, frames, ladder, camping tent and more.
The Upholstery Department
The Upholstery department is the work of providing seats with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers.

Ocean Craft Marine Manufacturing Process

The Tubes Department
The Tubes department is where the hypalon material is cut into section for the different tube chambers that can be filled in either air or foam.
The Assembly Department
The Assembly department includes sub-assembly teams which manufacture tubes, upholstery, engineering and boat assembly.
The Final Works Department
The Final Works department include final electrical installations, rigging, packing and shipping.

All departments collaborate closely together to ensure every Ocean Craft Marine boat will perform in a safe and reliable manner.

Every critical team member at Ocean Craft Marine knows and operates boats and understands the importance of building boats with quality and safety at the forefront of their minds.

Research & Development

Ocean Craft Marine engages itself in a cyclical development program that ensures that the products are always well built and compliant with market demands and trends.
The design process is driven by our Naval Architects team who will present new electronically generated product concepts to the Ocean Craft Marine management and based on these recommendations new products will be born.

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Cyclical Development Program
Our cyclical development program ensures that our Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats are always well built and compliant with market demands and trends.
Five Axis Prototyping
The Ocean Craft Marine five axis prototyping and mold building facility ensures that the new product response time is quick and efficient while ensuring quality finishes.
Testing Environment
All of our boats are tested for a year in extreme environments before release to the public.