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The Ocean Craft Marine (OCM) Riverine Command Boat (RCB) is specifically designed for the arduous shoal draft riverine environment. The primary mission of the RCB is to maintain overt dominance of rivers and inland waterways, providing tactical agility and a weapon’s platform during insertion and extraction of special operations forces in the riverine and near-shore environments.

OCM’s Riverine Command Boats are fast, have exceptional maneuverability and are designed with shallow draft capabilities. They can be outfitted for command and control operations, humanitarian relief, Seacrh and Rescue and as formidable weapons platforms.

OCM offers different RCBs configurations to meet our client’s many varied requirements. From a completely enclosed and air-conditioned cabin to an open-deck pilot-house or an open deck center-console, all the options are there to customize your Riverine RHIB the way you need it to be.

Available in either GRP or Aluminum Hull, the OCM RCB’s hull is especially reinforced for its unique mission where frequent grounding is a common occurrence. Ballistic protection can be added to critical areas guarding both personnel and vital mechanical areas and the craft can be outfitted with all the latest C4ISTAR equipment that your mission requires.