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Offering you the future of boating with the Ocean Craft Marine Recreational Amphibious boat.

If you are leisure marine lover and you have been searching for a tender for your beach house or a boat that can take you wherever you want, you found yourself to be at the right place! Once you’ve been on an Ocean Craft Marine Amphibious Craft, you will not be able to go back as the Ocean Craft Marine Amphibious boat is like a RHIB on steroids.

With the Ocean Craft Marine Recreational Amphibious boat, you can create a special setting, bringing people you love closer and reconnecting you to all of your senses. Our Recreational Amphibious boat makes your life around boating easier with a faster launch time and broader reach. It allows you to enjoy the sea and the sand. Outdoors & camping lovers, can now greatly expand their activities and camp on any remote beach easily.

Few examples below on the joy that an Ocean Craft Marine Recreational Amphibious Boat can bring to your experience:

  • Straight driving onto any beach
  • Immediate steering and parking next to your beach house
  • Direct access to any remote islands
  • Launch your boat and set your soul free like the sea without any help
  • Camp overnight on any beach with your family and loved ones

The AAS-100 Amphibious System consists of four motorized, retractable and steerable wheels, powering the boat with amazing over land capabilities. Our entire system is fully marinized and stays completely out of the water while underway. This means there is not compromise to our boats exceptional on-water performance. The AAS-100 Amphibious Technology System is available as an upgrade option for all Ocean Craft Marine boats ranging from 5.1 meters to 12 meters and is available on both our outboard and inboard powered boats.


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