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Ocean Craft Marine can custom build professional rigid inflatable boats to your exacting needs and the rigors of your most challenging missions at sea. Through years of experience, we have incorporated into our design philosophy all the fundamental elements of safety, reliability, quality and performance.

Our technical team will evaluate your mission specific requirements and provide to you a competitive solution.

Whether your mission begins from a warship, a beach, an aircraft or a submarine, our professional staff will advise, design, build and test your craft to meet your requirements.

We offer a wide range of purpose constructed Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats starting from 4.1m up to or largest 12.5m and Vessels starting from 8.0m up to 30m.

For assistance on your specific needs and requirements please contact us directly at :

GRP Fiberglass
AL Aluminium
CC Center Console
PH Pilot House
CAB Cabin
IB In-board SternDrive or jet, single (1 ) Twin (2)
OB Out-Board Single (1 ) Twin (2) Triple (3)

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